2022 which several zodiac signs have the most prosperity, which zodiac signs can get rich in the year of the tiger

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2022 which several zodiac signs have the most prosperity, which zodiac signs can get rich in the year of the tiger.We all want to be prosperous and have more money in our hands. However, the fortune is good, is affected by the time and place and people together. Not that, just think about it, you can dream come true. So, in 2022, which zodiac signs of the zodiac have the most prosperous fortune? Let's take a look at the following.



Get rich in 2022

Horse people: horse to success

The year 2022 is the year of the reigning tiger. It is also the year of the water tiger. Nayin is gold foil gold. Therefore, consider that the Horse and Yin Tiger are one of the three conjunctions. In this year, the horse person's fortune is very prosperous. And, in the triple conjunction of Yin Hu, Wu Ma and Xu Dog, Yin Hu will supply a constant source of strength to the Horse person. Plus, this bureau is a fire bureau, fire gives birth to earth, so it is especially good for the horse person of earth life. However, this earth life cannot be the one that corresponds to the water tiger.

In other words, it can't be a Horse with a Heavenly Stem of E and H. E and H is Earth. Earth grams water, so that it is an earth Mark water tiger, is not good. Therefore, the most favorable and prosperous horse person should be the one whose heavenly stem is gold, that is to say, the horse person with Geng Xin, the nayin for earth. Specifically, people born in the year of Geng Wu, 1930 Geng Wu Horse people and 1990 Geng Wu Horse people, their fortune is more prosperous. Other years of the horse people will be a little worse. But it is also good.


Dog people: saddle up

The reason why the Dog will be more prosperous in 2022 is because it is also in the triad of Yin Hu, Wu Ma and Xu Dog, but it is at the end. That is to say, Yin Hu can not directly give it energy, Xu Dog's energy, mainly from the horse, so the Dog wants to make a lot of money in this year, it is best to find a horse person, together with the triad bureau, so that the energy from the Yin Tiger, through the horse, flow to their own body. In this year, the best luck dog people, in principle, is also the life of the earth dog people, because this triad bureau is the fire bureau. Fire gives birth to earth. However, it cannot be the Heavenly Stem of E. Therefore, it should be the Dog person with the Heavenly Stem of Gold and the Nayin of Earth. Specifically, it is the person born in the year Gengxu. 1970 Gengxu year Dog people have the best fortune.


It would be better if they could find a horse person with a heavenly stem of water and a nagin of gold, but unfortunately for the horse person, the combination is only Geng Wu roadside earth, Non Wu Yang Liu wood, A Wu Shazhong gold, C Wu Tianhe water, and W Wu heavenly fire. Gold grams wood, fire grams gold. Therefore, A Wu, C Wu is not suitable. Earth grams water, wu wu is also unsuitable. Nonwu is suitable in the heavenly stem, but the nayin is Yangliu wood, 1970 year dog people nayin for earth, wood grams earth, also unsuitable. Therefore, Geng Wu year horse people, that is, 1930 horse people and 1990 horse people and 1970 dog people are the most suitable, they are the dog people's nobleman.


Pig people: full of pots and pans

The Pig is the Sixth Harmony of the Yin Tiger. It is normal to be prosperous in wealth. But among the many Pig people, respectively, there are B Hai mountain head fire, Ding Hai house on the earth, Hei Hai flat earth wood, Xin Hai hairpin gold, and Cap Hai seawater. B is wood, D is fire, and F is earth. Xin is gold, and cap is water. In the Year of the Water Tiger 2022, water grinds fire and earth grinds water. Therefore, Ding Hai and Hexi Hai are not very suitable. Gold grinds wood and fire grinds gold. Therefore, Bhai is also not very suitable. The last ones left are Xinhai and Dechai. In other words, the 1971 Xinhai Pig and the 1983 Dechai Pig have the best fortune in this year.



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